Chester County Homeschool Science Fair

 This year the Chester County Homeschool Science Fair will be held 

in conjunction with the 

Greater Philadelphia Homeschool Science Fair

The combined fair (We are merging them!)

will be held

Saturday, February 9, 2019 

at the Springton Lake Presbyterian Church. 

(in Newtown Square)


New 2018-2019 Registration forms are ready!

If you want to advance past our fair, 

please remember to also fill out ISEF forms BEFORE you start!

Make sure the ISEF forms say 2019.

We are looking for volunteers to help with this year's fair--contact Lora if you'd like to help!

If you have questions about forms or registration, contact Lora !

Would you like us to give a how-to-get-started-with-science-fair presentation to your coop or group?  Let us know--(Lora).  We'd love to help more people get involved.  With the combined fairs, we expect to have 75+ entries this year! 

It would be great to have even more!
Welcome to our website.  It is always a work in progress, so feel free to let us know about any corrections that need to be made or any information that should be added!  Also, if you have any pictures of projects or project reports from previous years that you would allow us to use on the site, please let us know!
Who can participate?

The CCHSF is open to all homeschooled students, grades K-12.  For Chester County residents 4th grade and up, it is the gateway fair to the bigger science fairs.  That is, by the CCIU rules, in order to enter the Chester County Science Research Competition, homeschooled students must first compete in the CCHSF. 

What do I do?

You ask a question and do an experiment to find the answer!  For those who have not participated before, this is a fun experience; the projects do not have to be complicated.  Your question could be something like:  Which kind of popsicle melts the fastest?  Which [toy] car goes down the hill the fastest?  It is mostly about learning the scientific method and having fun.  If you'd like one of us to talk you through a sample project or show you examples of projects from prior years, let us know; we'd be happy to help!  You write a paper and make a display board showing what you found out and tell the judges about your project on fair day.

What do I get?

All participants receive ribbons.  There are prizes for outstanding projects. There will also be some science activities/demonstrations to participate in or watch when you are not talking to the judges.

How do I sign up?

For those thinking of projects that take a considerable length of time, remember that registration forms must be submitted before beginning any experimentation.  Any projects that involve human subjects, vertebrate animals, viruses, pathogens, blood and tissue products, hazardous chemicals, alcohol, drugs, tobacco or firearms will need prior approval. Forms for projects requiring special approval (human subjects, vertebrate animals, potentially hazardous biological agents) are to be submitted by November 1

For all other projects, the registration forms for our fair must be submitted to Lora by January 9   For students wanting to advance to the CCSRC, ISEF paperwork is also requiredand is due by December 31ISEF forms can be found here.  Most projects need forms 1, 1a, 1b, including the research plan attachment, and some also need form 3.

The CCHS form (and the ISEF paperwork if you are planning to try for the CCSRC) must be completed BEFORE you begin your experiment!

Most of the ISEF forms are a smaller version of your research report. Some of the forms just need signatures. If you need help with these forms it is best to email Lora.  If your project advances to the Chester County Science Research Competition (CCSRC), there may be one more form to fill out after our fair.

Where can I get help?

For help with completing forms, registration, or special approval


To send us pictures or sample reports or for any computer or website related questions


For general questions or project help

contact Lora.

How can I help?

Please look at the volunteer page, and let us know what you can do on fair day!  


We hope to see you in February!


Lora Newman (