Frequently Asked Questions

Can cyberschoolers participate?
    The short answer is:  maybe.  It is complicated!  We have to follow the rules set out by the CCIU.  Please contact Lora if your student is interested in participating.

What forms do I need?
    All projects must complete the registration form found here.  If your project does not involve human subjects, vertebrate animals, viruses, pathogens, blood and tissue products, hazardous chemicals, alcohol, drugs, tobacco or firearms, then you most likely only need forms 1, 1a, and 1b from here.  Please don't forget that these forms ask for a separate research plan attachment.  If there is any level of risk in your project, you must also complete form 3.  For projects in the special categories listed above, please contact Lora for a full list of required forms.

When is my registration due?
    All forms are due by December 31.  For those with projects requiring approval, the deadline is November 1.  The main point to remember is that you may not begin experimentation until your project has been registered.

Is the fair religiously affiliated?
    No.  We do hold the fair in a church, as they have graciously donated us space.  Students of any religion or no religion are welcome to participate.