Forms 2018-2019

 New 2018-2019 registration form for GPHSF  (Everyone needs to fill out and submit this form.) 

Please note that the GPHSF website has not been updated to reflect the current Chester County policy on home educated students in their science fair! In order for homeschoolers to participate in the Chester County Science Research Competition, students MUST first enter our fair (GPHSF this year) and MUST submit copies of ISEF forms (below) as well as the registration form above. Students NOT wishing to enter that competition or in grades K-3 may enter by filling out ONLY the form above.

Fourth graders and above who wish to participate in the Chester County Science Research Competition, which follows our fair, must also fill out ISEF forms.  Which forms are required will depend on your project details.  All projects advancing to the CCSRC require forms 1, 1a, and 1b, including the research plan attachment.  Some projects also require form 3.  The "special categories" that had to submit paperwork before the early deadline also have other required forms.  Contact Lora for details on forms.

Forms note:  Where the ISEF form 1A asks for your school, please enter "Chester County Homeschoolers."  For the school address and phone number, enter your home address/phone.  Thank you!  

The CCIU has made available highlighted copies of the ISEF forms to help with knowing which parts to fill out.  Click on the forms you need below.  If you need forms that are not here, please let me know!