Paperwork Tips

New for 2015 paperwork:  Forms note:  Where the ISEF form 1A asks for your school (#3), please enter "Chester County Homeschoolers."  For the school address and phone number, write "Homeschooled, see #8" and make sure to include your home address/phone as one of the addresses listed in #8.  Thank you!  

If you need help with the ISEF paperwork, read this handout first (PDF file, use Acrobat Reader).  It has been released with permission from East Coventry Elementary School, Owen J. Roberts School District.  It is written for a school audience, but includes detailed information about how to fill out each form and which forms you will need.
Then, email Lora if you still have questions!
Lora Newman,
Oct 22, 2012, 6:09 PM