This year, we are looking for a new co-director!  
If you can help, email Lora.

Our standard volunteer letter:
Hello Parents! 

Science fair is loads of fun, but there is much work to be done.  Would you consider helping us out in some way?  Below is a list of things we need help with on our fair day.  We have estimated the time required on some of the responsibilities.  There are things to be done early in the morning, some during the fair, and some after the fair.  Please look at the list and email me at Lora with what you would like to help with.  If every family helps out with something, everything should go smoothly and our kids will have a great day.


Before the fair

1.       Registration table—Give the kids their space numbers and their judging times.  Check in all projects.  45 minutes

2.      Hospitality Room—Help prepare trays of bagels and donuts for the judges.  Make the first round of coffee for the judges’ room and coffee for the parents in the hospitality room.  30 minutes

During the fair

1.      Hospitality Room—Continue to make coffee for the judges and the parents.  Refill anything in the judges’ room that needs to be refilled.  Various times during the fair.

2.      Snack Table—Collect snack ticket and hand out sancks.  You will be needed all morning.  You can share this responsibility with someone you know.  We need to have a responsible adult do this. 

3.      Workshop Assistant—Help the person in charge of the workshop with whatever they need.  You will be needed all morning, unless the instructor does not need your help after a time.

4.      Awards room—we need two people to help with tabulating scores and assigning awards according to the scores.  30 minutes or less

After the fair

1.      2 people to vacuum the Fellowship Hall and the classrooms that we used during the fair. Also you will be responsible for putting extra chairs away.  30 minutes each person.

2.      Trash duty—please take all the trash to the dumpster from fellowship hall, bathrooms, classrooms and the hospitality area.  Put in new trash liners.  30 minutes

3.      Bathrooms—There are lists on the bathroom walls of things that need to be done when cleaning the bathroom.  Just follow those instructions.  Each bathroom will take 30 minutes